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ArchitectureBox Hill

Church architecture in Box Hill

Church architecture in Box Hill Wesleyan Chapel Conrad Hamann There are common themes running through Box Hill’s many church buildings despite the range of design. Christ Church Mitcham retains its original rural style wooden church as a hall and is typical of the original church buildings of many of Box…
31 March 2024
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Tidbits and snippets

Send us your tidbits and snippets Sometimes described as a small piece of interesting information, or a small dish of pleasant-tasting food, we at Eastsider News think that tidbits is a good description of those curious morsels of information that our readers send us from time to time. We hope…
24 March 2024

Healesville Freeway Reserve

Healesville Freeway Reserve: will we get a great result? Elaine Hopper If you live in Forest Hill, Vermont, or Vermont South, you may be surprised to know that you reside near the Healesville Freeway Reserve (HFR). It lies concealed behind houses, a hidden gem, yet to be developed as a…
15 March 2024
Local NeighbourhoodsSurrey Hills

Surrey Hills Reminiscences

Eastsider News wants to share the beautifully written and evocative articles that Surrey Hills resident, Gillian Bell has written about her experiences of living in this pleasant suburb with its tree lined streets and its strong community spirit.  Thank you Gillian, for the following articles. Gill and the old Surrey…
30 November 2023
ArtistsBox Hill

Local Artists

Thank you, Year 10 Art students at Box Hill High School for telling us about the role the Box Hill area played in the development of the beautiful Australian form of Impressionism. Scroll down to read an article by two of the students, Kelly Lai and Olivia Dufty. And keep…
12 August 2023
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Max’s walks

Maximillian von Schnauzer, our very handsome 4 legged correspondent takes you walking around our local neighbourhoods and further afield.  We are grateful to Ruth, Max's two legged companion, for keeping us updated on his perambulations. My Favourite Walks: Blackburn Bushland Corridor Maximillian von Schnauzer Hi, my fellow four-leggeds, how are…
22 July 2023

The Faces of Greythorn

The Faces of Greythorn A great reason to visit the Greythorn Central shopping centre is to meet local identities Ferdi, Don, Albert, Maddie, Maria, Lily and Evie. These six larger than life statues tell the story of Greythorn through the people who lived and worked in the area from the…
2 May 2023
Local NeighbourhoodsParklands

Nettleton Park

Nettleton Park. Local community connections, an enjoyable day…and one that all will cherish. Ruthie Scharley and Jeff Patchell Nettleton Park is a beautiful green wedge in Glen Iris that is located at the confluence of Back and Gardiners Creeks in the green leafy corridor that lines the waterways. It’s a…
29 October 2022