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Autism support services

A community collaboration helping Autistic adults thrive Aspect Adult Community Services Local Hawthorn café, Sonny Ray is part of a life-changing new program for Autistic adults, helping them to gain important workplace and life skills. The contribution the program makes to improved self-esteem and overall wellbeing is significant considering approximately…
6 July 2024
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Balwyn Evergreen Centre

A call for volunteers to combat social isolation amongst seniors Balwyn Evergreen Centre Balwyn Evergreen Centre, a community centre dedicated to ensuring that older individuals stay active, healthy and socially connected, is calling on Australian businesses to step up and actively involve their employees in the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors…
6 June 2024
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Lions Club of Blackburn

The Blackburn Lions Club describes itself as 'Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Lending a hand for all those in need within the community and beyond'. Thank you to Nelson Knight for telling us about several of the club’s more recent activities. Please click here to read about: The 123 Read…
7 November 2022