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Paula Fenwick – local Kew resident and Amazon best seller

Paula Fenwick – Corporate Executive Becomes Amazon Best Seller Overnight Success in 10 Years Paula Fenwick grew up in South Africa, starting her career as a corporate executive at Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company, rapidly climbing the corporate ladder and embracing the multifaceted challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Her tenure…
6 April 2024
ArchitectureBox Hill

Church architecture in Box Hill

Church architecture in Box Hill Wesleyan Chapel Conrad Hamann There are common themes running through Box Hill’s many church buildings despite the range of design. Christ Church Mitcham retains its original rural style wooden church as a hall and is typical of the original church buildings of many of Box…
31 March 2024
Reminiscences and memories

A day trip to Kallista

A day trip to Kallista Gillian Bell With thanks to Rob Youl and friends for advice on Victorian flora in the 1960s It was a bright cool day in April 1961, and the green Zephyr stood ready in our Surrey Hills driveway. In the kitchen Mum was preparing a picnic,…
29 March 2024

Mike’s Music

Mike Daly is a local resident and a widely experienced and well-known journalist with a keen ear and eye on the music scene. Since the first edition of Eastsider News, Mike has been writing a music column that is much loved by our readers.  He can be contacted at…
5 March 2024
Local heroes

Local Heroes

Local Heroes We all know people who make valuable and substantial contributions to our community.  If you have a story you want to tell about somebody who you think should be recognised, please email us at But, don't forget to ask them first - it is important that we…
1 February 2024

Camberwell Music Society

The Camberwell Music Society was formed in 1963 to provide the local community with the opportunity to hear quality live music close to home, at a reasonable cost in a friendly atmosphere. The concerts soon became a regular feature of Camberwell’s musical life featuring Melbourne’s leading musicians and many promising…
4 January 2024

Local Photographers

We at Eastsider News have discovered the level of amazing photographic talent that exists in our region.  Featured below are some of the many we have received from our contributors. Surrey Dive. Jane Gray Sunset over Surrey Dive. Jane Gray Doncaster Camera Club We are delighted particularly with the support…
14 September 2023
ArtistsBox Hill

Local Artists

Thank you, Year 10 Art students at Box Hill High School for telling us about the role the Box Hill area played in the development of the beautiful Australian form of Impressionism. Scroll down to read an article by two of the students, Kelly Lai and Olivia Dufty. And keep…
12 August 2023