Eastsider News has been very well received and work is continuing on future editions.

We will have a limited number of advertisements in the flipbook format of the edition and any future printed versions of the paper, and a dedicated website page for advertisements.

Our website advertisers can have connectivity in their advertisement on the dedicated page which will link to their websites and email address.

So to advertise with us with a full colour PDF for in-paper insertion and also on a featured website page, we are offering:

Double adverts:  169.5×169.5mm:  $350

Standard adverts: Either two column landscape – 82 x 169.5mm; or single column portrait – 169.5 x 82mm: $200.

Half adverts: Single column 82x82mm: $100

Tradie advert: 82x41mm:  $50

If you’d like to host your advert on the Eastsider News website advertisers page between editions with connectivity to your webpage and email addresses: $50.

All our pricing is plus GST.

For any further information or advertising questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us