A Cat Curfew in Boroondara

Cats: cute, furry killing machines LWT Boroondara City Council will soon table a petition to consider introducing a cat-curfew. Boroondara hosts a wide variety of animals including birdlife, invertebrates, frogs, possums, bats, turtles and many more. Despite the breadth of scientific data explaining just how devastating cats (domestic and feral)…
21 February 2024

Around the World in 56 days

Around the World in 56 Days Carmel McNaught In this piece, I attempt to capture the essence of an amazing, whirlwind, round-the-world, 56-day trip that David and I did from November 2023 to January 2024. We are still processing the kaleidoscope of images, experiences, learnings, connections, memories, and so much…
18 February 2024
BoroondaraPlanning regulations

Preserving Community Voices in Planning

Preserving Community Voices in Planning Markham Estate Artist impression John Friend-Pereira Recent planning reforms introduced in the State Government’s 2023 Housing Statement will have far reaching impacts on our suburbs. The Statement includes 32 planning reforms, granting the Minister for Planning more power. However, the changes fall short of effectively…
18 February 2024

Camberwell Music Society

Camberwell Music Society  The Camberwell Music Society was formed in 1963 to provide the local community with the opportunity to hear quality live music close to home, at a reasonable cost in a friendly atmosphere. The concerts soon became a regular feature of Camberwell’s musical life featuring Melbourne’s leading musicians…
4 January 2024
Community LinksCommunity Services

StreetSmart – action against homelessness

StreetSmart is a Kew-based homelessness charity that fundraises to support grassroots projects tackling homelessness. StreetSmart was founded by Adam Robinson in 2003. While working at a small youth service in Dandenong, in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Adam gained first-hand experience of the vital work of grassroots organisations, embedded in their…
20 December 2023
Neighbourhoods - Melbourne

Surrey Hills Reminiscences

Eastsider News wants to share the beautifully written and evocative articles that Surrey Hills resident, Gillian Bell has written about her experiences of living in this pleasant suburb with its tree lined streets and its strong community spirit.  Thank you Gillian, for the following articles. Gill and the old Surrey…
30 November 2023
BoroondaraClimate crisis

Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan

Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan. Implementation plan for the two years to 30 June 2025 The news that October 2023 was hottest October since records began, with average global temperature thought to be 1.7C above late-1800s levels is both frightening and a massive reminder of the need for immediate action to…
24 November 2023
Science education

Science is everybody’s business

Science is everybody’s Business Are you someone who is curious about the world around you, stands in wonder or bemusement watching and listening to what is happening in nature? Then you have the makings of a scientist, a person who is looking to discover how this beautiful world works. For most…
17 November 2023
BoroondaraDoncasterLocal heroes

Local Heroes

Local Heroes We all know people who make valuable and substantial contributions to our community.  If you have a story you want to tell about somebody who you think should be recognised, please email us at But, don't forget to ask them first - it is important that we…
1 November 2023