Poems for a Pandemic – Barry Horn

Poems for a Pandemic by Barry Horn and illustrated by Ian Horn This anthology of nonsensical poems was written by Barry Horn and illustrated by Ian Horn to lighten the mood a little during Melbourne’s periods of lockdowns and restrictions in response to the COVID 19 panademic. If you would like…
February 13, 2023

Never Give Up – a poem by Owen Clarke

Never Give Up Owen Clarke You may think that you’ve had enough, But never, never ever, give up. And even when you feel all scarred And you have troubles by the yard, Never, never ever give up. When it seems all your friends don’t like you, And everyone bullies and…
January 31, 2023

How to write a poem? Beverley Walsh

How to write a poem? Beverley Walsh How do I write a poem? Will it come bursting out of my head, the words like concrete pouring from a mixer straight onto a page and set? Or will it be like childbirth? I’m told it’s agony until it’s joy and a…
January 31, 2023
Language matters

Mind your ‘English’ language

Mind your ‘English’ Language Marie Pietersz The first of several tutorials where the author will discuss some common mistakes made by writers using English to communicate. The ‘Queen’s English’ (or should it now be the ‘King’s English’), is a term used to describe a form of English traditionally spoken by…
January 29, 2023

Rehome your hard rubbish

Boroondara Hard Rubbish Rehome A not-for-profit, volunteer-run community group. We promote and support reuse, repair, recycling, refurbishing, repurposing (upcycling) and replanting of pre-loved items through sharing, education, and events.  Boroondara Hard Rubbish Rehome (BHRR) is for individuals, not for professional collection companies or professional collectors to use. We are inspired by…
January 23, 2023
BoroondaraLocal Government PoliciesWhitehorse

Have your say

Boroondara Economic Development and Tourism Plan We are developing a new Economic Development and Tourism Plan that will guide our actions to help boost Boroondara’s local economy. We want to make sure Boroondara remains a great place for our community to live, work, study and play. We also want to…
January 21, 2023

Speakers Corner: North East Link

Here we will publish comment on some of the recent goings on in our neighbourhood - things like local council matters, State government initiatives and other things that have provoked debate within the community. The pieces we publish here will  reflect the views of the writer.  We publish them here…
January 15, 2023

Max’s walks

Maximillian von Schnauzer, our very handsome 4 legged correspondent takes you walking around our local neighbourhoods and further afield.  We are grateful to Ruth, Max's two legged companion, for keeping us updated on his perambulations.
January 10, 2023
Creative people

Local writers and other creative people

Eastsider News is fortunate to have amongst its readers and supporters many creative people in a variety of fields.  Some of this material has been published and is available for purchase.  Some have been published for the first time in an edition of Eastsider News. The featured image is of…
January 10, 2023