Koonung Heights

Koonung Heights Primary School Terracotta Pavers

Koonung Heights Primary School Terracotta Pavers Garden Hasan Hassan In September 2022, the terracotta pavers along Belmore Rd where Koonung Heights Primary School once stood (now the Scarborough Square Housing Estate) were roughly dug up, broken and tossed in piles. These terracotta pavers were made by students of Koonung Heights…
17 June 2024
Latest Contributions

Latest Contributions

Latest Contributions We are sure you will agree that waiting around to get the good stuff has got knobs on it.  This post will give you an early glimpse of some of the articles we will be including in the next two-monthly edition of the newspaper. We will continually refresh…
16 June 2024
Regular Events

Regular events

Regular Events Posted below are an array of regular events that our friends have told us about.  They include: Support group meetings Markets Social activities Educational and Language Resources Religious organisations - services and other regular activities Please contact Eastsider News at eastsidernews1@gmail.com to be included on this list. Support…
14 June 2024
Support groupsVolunteering

Balwyn Evergreen Centre

A call for volunteers to combat social isolation amongst seniors Balwyn Evergreen Centre Balwyn Evergreen Centre, a community centre dedicated to ensuring that older individuals stay active, healthy and socially connected, is calling on Australian businesses to step up and actively involve their employees in the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors…
6 June 2024
Book ReviewsClimate changeEnvironment

Book and film reviews

A Brief History of the Earth's Climate- Everyone's Guide to the Science of Climate Change Review by Barbara Fraser Steven Earle's climate book is a perfect beauty: A Brief History of the Earth's Climate- Everyone's Guide to the Science of Climate Change. Published in Canada in 2021, 189pp. Invitingly titled,…
5 June 2024
Blackburn Lake

Blackburn Lake

EPA and community investigate Blackburn Lake Environment Protection Agency Victoria A high-tech investigation involving EPA Victoria and the community has identified possible sources of persistent pollution in Blackburn Lake setting off a campaign of inspections of industrial sites upstream. EPA Northern Metropolitan Regional Manager Chloe Bernett says the cooperative operation…
5 June 2024

Bird photography

Bird Photography is Always Popular Doncaster Camera Club Doncaster Camera Club has some very keen and capable bird photographers. This was evident at some of our recent meetings where we had many photos of birds entered in Open competitions. Some were taken locally and others from more distant travels. Bird…
7 May 2024