Democratic rights

The right to protest

The right to protest - what are the limits? The case of Deakin University Leigh Naunton Recent student protests including one at the Burwood campus of Deakin have raised this question. The students are protesting universities’ alleged links to military equipment manufacturers who supply Israel.  They set up an encampment…
6 July 2024

Planning – Victorian State policies

Victorian Government’s Planning Strategy Paul Hamer MP Melbourne is a growing city and will have a population in excess of 9 million in the 2050s. This is not a statement of ambition, but rather an estimate based on current population growth trends – factors outside the control of state government.…
6 July 2024

Planning policies and regulations – housing

More on this topic is covered in articles in the post titled Speakers Corner - Planning policies and regulations.  Click here to read those articles. Preserving Community Voices in Planning Markham Estate Artist impression John Friend-Pereira Recent planning reforms introduced in the State Government’s 2023 Housing Statement will have far…
18 February 2024
NE LinkTransport

Speakers Corner: North East Link

The North East Link: an introduction The North East Link (NEL) is a freeway-standard road being built by the Victorian Government. It will link the Metropolitan Ring Road (M80) in Greensborough to the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road. The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments. The…
13 May 2023


Victoria’s e-scooter FAQs: electric scooter safety and laws explained While many people have been quick to jump on an e-scooter of late, it’s important to know the rules and regulations for how e-scooters can legally be operated. E-scooters are being used at record-pace across the globe – including Stockholm, Berlin,…
19 September 2022