Is This Forever. A film by Charlie Di Stefano

Is This Forever tells the story of Charlie’s brother Lucca and his mental health struggles.  Charlie hopes the film will allow young men struggling with mental health issues to realise that they can be vulnerable, and that there is no point in suffering in silence. To read more about the…
24 November 2022

Speakers Corner

We have created several Speakers Corner posts to cover specific topics that the community is talking about and debating the merits or otherwise. These include: NE Link Planning matters (town and local, building regulations etc) Bicycle Strategy - Boroondara The pieces we publish in these posts reflect the views of…
2 June 2022

South Surrey Park – Ursula Povey

Have you discovered South Surrey Park yet? – Ursula Povey Since our COVID-19 restrictions began, lots of other people have discovered South Surrey Park, a linear park following Back Creek from Riversdale Road to Union Road. It has been a favourite spot for walking and exercising the dog and the…
27 December 2021