Healesville Freeway Reserve

Healesville Freeway Reserve: will we get a great result? Elaine Hopper If you live in Forest Hill, Vermont, or Vermont South, you may be surprised to know that you reside near the Healesville Freeway Reserve (HFR). It lies concealed behind houses, a hidden gem, yet to be developed as a…
15 March 2024
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Nettleton Park

Nettleton Park. Local community connections, an enjoyable day…and one that all will cherish. Ruthie Scharley and Jeff Patchell Nettleton Park is a beautiful green wedge in Glen Iris that is located at the confluence of Back and Gardiners Creeks in the green leafy corridor that lines the waterways. It’s a…
29 October 2022
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South Surrey Park – Ursula Povey

Have you discovered South Surrey Park yet? – Ursula Povey Since our COVID-19 restrictions began, lots of other people have discovered South Surrey Park, a linear park following Back Creek from Riversdale Road to Union Road. It has been a favourite spot for walking and exercising the dog and the…
27 December 2021