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South Surrey Park – Ursula Povey

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Have you discovered South Surrey Park yet? – Ursula Povey

Since our COVID-19 restrictions began, lots of other people have discovered South Surrey Park, a linear park following Back Creek from Riversdale Road to Union Road. It has been a favourite spot for walking and exercising the dog and the children in this time of lockdown. You can play football on the open spaces, sit under shady oaks, explore the rocky creek, or just meander through the bush. As you explore the park you will hear an ever-increasing number of birds who appreciate our tall trees and sheltering bushes.

There is a self-guided walk produced by the Friends of South Surrey Park which could make your visit just a bit different. It can be found on the Friends of South Surrey Park website: html There is also a QR code to the website on the noticeboard in the park. On our website you can read our email newsletters and find out more about the park.

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First published in September 2020 edition of Eastsider News