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Maximillian von Schnauzer, our very handsome 4 legged correspondent takes you walking around our local neighbourhoods and further afield.  We are grateful to Ruth, Max’s two legged companion, for keeping us updated on his perambulations.

My Favourite Walks: Blackburn Bushland Corridor

Maximillian von Schnauzer

Hi, my fellow four-leggeds, how are you?

As I write this it’s hot, hot, hot. I’m not a fan of this weather. (Oops, another pun has crept in. Mum won’t be pleased). Did you know that two-leggeds actually sweat through their skin to cool down? Ugh. Whereas we, more tastefully, release heat through our nose and paw pads. And how come they still haven’t figured out where the coolest parts of the house are? They rely on that chilly breezy thing.

But I have something more concerning than the weather to share with you. CATS. Yes, it’s finally happened. A cat has joined our extended family. Surely I was more than enough in terms of unconditional love, exercise buddy, stress reliever and conversation starter. But no, it seems I’m not. I admit the little upstart is cute, but really. How the two-leggeds do go on! And when it visits I am locked in a room. The indignity! In my own home!

AND they expect me to befriend this usurper. Really? Would you? My final word on the subject is to misquote Shakespeare – “The cat might mew, but this dog will have his day”.

Before I become any more indignant I’d better get on with the walk.

It is called the Blackburn Bushland Corridor and it runs between Middleborough Rd and Springvale Rd, taking in Blackburn Lake. So it can be quite a hike if you wish, but there are lots of side entrances/exits that allow you to shorten it. (See the Paw Notes below, for a map and other information).

There are a number of gravel paths – easy on the paws – following both sides of Gardiners Creek (the bushland is quite idyllic, the creek not so much). It is a good walk to try on a hot day as there is lots of shade. Just remember to be wary of snakes. Even if your two-leggeds ignore the “on-leash” signs I’d stick to the paths if I were you. Of course this limits your sniffing somewhat, unfortunately.

Your two-leggeds might like to research the area a little before you head off. Dad inevitably found his ‘compulsory’ information panel.  This one was about the site of an “Open-air School” that was set up in 1915 for inner-city children in poor health. They would travel each day by train to Blackburn, where the schooling would be supplemented with nutritious food and an afternoon deckchair nap in the sun. The Education department closed the project in 1964.

As you would expect, the two-leggeds had to have their coffee fix. This time at one of the cafés in Salisbury St near Laburnum Station. Alas, I missed out on my treat.

Please say hello if you see me around. I’m black and silver with a red collar.



PS: Don’t take it personally. The kookaburras aren’t laughing at you.

Paw Notes: