Scottish Terriers – a dog for all seasons

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Scottish Terriers – a dog for all seasons

Manda Appleyard

I am a Scottish Terrier fan and have had Scotties in my life since 1969. Scotties have brought me so much joy in my life, I struggle to understand why the Scottish Terrier has been listed as an endangered species.

There has been a significant global decline in Scottish Terrier numbers. The Scottie was once very popular here in Australia. Everyone at least knew someone that had one of those funny little Scots with the big beard, big eyebrows and huge character.

Since the introduction of designer breeds developed by crossing smaller breeds together, it seems that everyone has forgotten what great family members and mates Scottish Terriers are.

The Scottish Terrier is a big dog in a little body. This compact, short legged, sturdily built terrier of good bone and substance is very intelligent and quite a sensible dog. They mature very quickly and are a lot less destructive than many other breeds.

They are great guard dogs because they don’t bark without reason. They have a deep bark which makes them sound like a much bigger dog. The Scottie is a robust breed requiring little or no veterinary intervention, and their versatility is unsurpassed.

They adapt to any environment equally at home from the farmhouse to apartment living. They even make great travel companions and love caravan holidays. They are couch potatoes that suddenly spring to action whenever there is anything a foot.

The Scottish Terrier is loyal and does not suffer separation anxiety. When left alone they will just laze about and wait for your return.

The Scottish Terrier is hypoallergenic as they do not shed hair. A medium level of grooming is required but a good brush once a week and a trip to the groomers every three months is all that is required. They are truly worthy of consideration when you are next considering a new addition to your family.

I always say, ‘If it isn’t a Scottie, it is just a dog…’