Rehome your hard rubbish

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Boroondara Hard Rubbish Rehome

A not-for-profit, volunteer-run community group. We promote and support reuse, repair, recycling, refurbishing, repurposing (upcycling) and replanting of pre-loved items through sharing, education, and events.  Boroondara Hard Rubbish Rehome (BHRR) is for individuals, not for professional collection companies or professional collectors to use. We are inspired by the Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes.

What we do

BHRR aims to help keep pre-loved items in use and out of landfill, rethink the need to buy new, and build meaningful community connections through supporting a circular economy.

Why we do it

Across our diverse community, we have resources, knowledge, time and skills to share.

We want to build community by:

  • connecting people through local action to support a circular economy and reduce our environmental impact;
  • reframing the discussion around waste and resources;
  • upskilling people to repair, refurbish or repurpose pre-loved items;
  • harnessing the power of individuals to improve lives by rehoming items with those that need them;
  • improving community and individual wellbeing through growing local connections;
  • measuring success through personal connections made and resources kept out of landfill; and
  • valuing and fostering honesty, integrity, inclusiveness and generosity in all we do’.

To learn more about this initiative, go to BHRR’s facebook page here.