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Celebrating our neighbourhoods

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Celebrating our neighbourhoods

Eastsider News covers many strong and interesting neighbourhoods in the eastern areas of Melbourne with which people have strong connections over time.  We want to celebrate these neighbourhoods and to help people get to know them better.

The Faces of Greythorn

A great reason to visit the Greythorn Central shopping centre is to meet Ferdi, Don, Albert, Maddie, Maria, Lily and Evie. These six larger than life statues tell the story of Greythorn through the people who lived and worked in the area from the late 1900s to the mid 1960s when the current bustling shopping centre was built.

To read more, please go to the post in our Eastsider Extra blog here.

Story Towns Podcast

The Greythorn Traders Association have engaged StoryTowns to tell the story of the Faces of Greythorn statues that were installed along the shopping strip in 2022. Download the Storytowns app here and you can listen to six, five-minute podcasts that chronicle the story of each of The Faces of Greythorn statues located at various points of the Greythorn Central shopping strip.

A star walk

Not only are the Faces of Greythorn statues a podcast for visitors to enjoy at any time or play as they meander along the shopping strip, but Walks Victoria named the Faces of Greythorn statues one of their star walks recently. Discover the walk path here

Whitehorse Heritage

One of our contributors, Hasan Hassan has established a very interesting website called Whitehorse Heritage.  The website contains his research and writing on history and heritage matters in the City of Whitehorse.  These include longer versions of several of the articles we have published in our newspaper and also on the Eastsider Extra blog.

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