Boroondara’s new Roads Materials Policy

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Boroondara’s new Road Materials policy 

George Demetrios

Boroondara Council has recently released a Draft Road Materials Policy, found at, with residents having until the 12 April 2024 to provide submissions.

This new policy, if passed as is, has two points of concern for those residents passionate about wanting to preserve heritage in their local area.

Firstly, under this policy, Council will be replacing, with asphalt, 85% of the concrete roads located in Boroondara. These concrete roads are of local historical significance, having been constructed during the 1920s and 1930s.

Secondly, the policy will also remove heritage protection from the vast majority of Boroondara’s historic bluestone kerb and channels, which if implemented, will have a devastating impact, leading to the eventual loss of an estimated 90% of Boroondara’s heritage bluestone gutters.

What is just as concerning is that a heritage report undertaken by the then Hawthorn Council in 1993, actually found a number of the bluestone kerb and channels warranted heritage protection, which they subsequently received, when Hawthorn Council found the bluestone gutters were of statewide significance:

Apart from being uploaded to the Boroondara website, Council has undertaken no advertising regarding the opening of submissions, with the February/March edition of the Boroondara Bulletin, which every Boroondara resident receives, not containing any information about the Draft Road Materials Policy, and particularly the closing date for submissions, leading to many Boroondara residents being unaware that they only have until 5pm on Friday 12 April 2024 to provide a submission to Council on what they want to happen to their historically significant concrete roads and bluestone kerb and channels.

George Demetrios is the convenor of Save Boroondara’s Bluestone Heritage, a group trying to protect Boroondara’s bluestone kerb and channels. For further information, or if you are interested in joining the campaign, please email or call on 0478259296.