Sustainability – David Kennedy

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Sustainability: What does it mean to me?

David Kennedy

Sustainability is a word we often hear in the media and our daily conversations, sometimes associated with recycling everyday materials (e.g., metals, plastics, water and clothing), but also including more generic constructs, such as sustainable farming practices, business models, social structures, land use, etc. A model commonly used to show the relationships is shown below, with sustainability (ST) seen as the intersection between the Environment (our planet), Society (people), and the Economy (living/ working standards/ profit) with ST being the sweet spot of sustainability of life on Earth.

David is a former Professor of Higher Education with a background in Chemistry, Information Technology, and Teaching, Learning & Quality Assurance in Higher Education.  To read his full article, please click here.  He has included a list of further reading that will give you lots of scope to further explore these important ideas.