Bird photography

Bird Photography is Always Popular

Doncaster Camera Club

Doncaster Camera Club has some very keen and capable bird photographers. This was evident at some of our recent meetings where we had many photos of birds entered in Open competitions. Some were taken locally and others from more distant travels.

Bird photography requires much patience and perseverance, some skill and some luck to capture the bird in a pleasing position in its environment. It is always a challenge. But there are a few things to keep in mind which might help improve your Bird Photography.

  • Do your research and understand your subject
  • Get out at the best time of day – usually early morning or late afternoon
  • Mind your camera settings and use a fast shutter speed
  • Get as close as possible
  • Focus on the eye of the bird – a sharp eye is important
  • Consider the background and avoid clutter when possible.
  • Good light is always helpful
  • Plenty of practice and enjoy yourself.

We are lucky in our local areas in the Eastern Suburbs to have plenty of parks and green areas where we can observe and photograph our beautiful native birds. Doncaster Camera Club is planning a bird photography outing later this year.

Enquiries and visitors to Club meetings and activities are always welcome. Do check out our website and social media pages for more information and photos.

Contact Doncaster Camera Club by email at; by Instagram at, or on our Facebook at doncaster camera club – Melbourne. Phone the President Michael Walker on 0412 252 387 or the Secretary Pam Rixon on 0421 813 531 or by mail to Pam Rixon, Secretary DCC, PO Box 2043 Box Hill North VIC 3129. Our website is at

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