A Humble Inventor – AGM Michell

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In 1912, the largest ship in the world was the Titanic. Today, ships many times its size and power are in service around the world.

This could only have happened through a revolutionary type of thrust bearing invented by a Camberwell based engineer. His name was Anthony George Maldon Michell and his impact on modern world ship design remains immeasurable.

George, as he preferred to be known, was one of Australia’s most prolific inventors. His most significant other invention (of which there were many) was the crankless engine, which came close to becoming the standard form of automotive engine through the twentieth century.

George’s story is told in the book, What Came Out of the Box by Stephen Phillip.  The book was published in 2020 by Tellwell Talent and is available from on-line bookshops. Local filmmaker, Richard Balsillie has produced a video entitled The Humble Inventor .

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