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Keeping in touch – a win of sorts…  Hasan Hassan

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Keeping in touch – a win of sorts…

Hasan Hassan

This is a follow up to the Eastsider News story (December 2020 issue) on the proposed redevelopment of 83 – 87 Dorking Rd, Box Hill North.

In 2019 the developer divided the one acre site in two and lodged two separate planning applications with Whitehorse Council which refused to grant a permit for both planning applications (WH/2019/537 and WH/2019/538). In 2020 the developer took the Council to VCAT in regards to that planning application (WH/2019/537) which included the 1891 built French Second Empire style house.

In July 2021 VCAT approved this application (WH/2019/537) with strict and specific controls and conditions in regards to the restoration of the 1891 built house.  There are many conditions in the VCAT decision which I will not list in this article but can be read and downloaded by clicking on the following link:  AustLII: 1 documents found for (huachen v whitehorse)

These strict and specific controls and conditions clearly show that local residents, Whitehorse Council and VCAT recognise the heritage value of this house and that it must be protected and preserved.

At the time of writing this article the developer has not submitted to Council their revised plan to maintain and restore this heritage house for approval by the Council as per the VCAT conditions and controls.

I look forward to seeing the restoration of this very important part of Whitehorse’s early built heritage faithfully completed.

Hasan Hassan is a local resident who has lived in Whitehorse for over 20 years.  To read more of Hasan’s writings and research about history and heritage in Whitehorse, go to his website here.