A Forum to Change the Conversation – an important date to write into your calendar

Howard Tankey

Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation (WFFR) are planning to conduct a forum, similar in theme to the one the Reconciliation Eastern Metropolitan (REM) and Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP) put on in 2019  called ‘Aboriginal Culture and Our Future’.

The premise behind that forum and the one we are now planning is that the world is in deep trouble. So, let’s look at different ways of being in this world. Let’s look at Aboriginal culture to help put our heads in a better place for contemplating the future.

This concept has the potential for changing the conversation from How can we help you heal and close gaps? to We think the world is in trouble and we think you have cultural ideas that can help all of us. A much more empowering conversation than those so-called conversations we have been having over the last 240 years.

Whilst the planning details for the day have not been finalised, we know that the day will consist of presentations by First Nations people talking about culture, with most of the time being spent in participant workshops.

The discussion topics are likely to include similar matters to those covered  previously, such as:

  • We must look after each other;
  • Just take what you need;
  • Connection, caring for country;
  • Different attitudes to the concept of celebrity;
  • Ideas from education;
  • Ideas from lore.

People from the MMIGP agreed that these topics represented important ideas from Aboriginal culture.

Tentative details for the planned forum are that it will be held on Saturday, 21 September at the Box Hill Town Hall.  Since these could change, keep your ears to the ground if you are interested in attending. Registration will be necessary.

WFFR has a Facebook page here.  Alternatively contact Howard Tankey by emailing howardtankey@bigpond.com closer to the time.


Top image source: https://blogs.deakin.edu.au/deakinlife/wp-content/…/sites/63/2022/05/NRW-competition_blog-banner.jpg