The renewable energy revolution is here, and it’s being powered by our local community in the Greater Yarra Valley and Ranges.  Local communities are leading the transition to a renewable energy future by generating clean power from the sun. They’re reducing dirty pollution, cutting household and business power bills,  protecting our health and wellbeing and reducing our community’s carbon footprint.

A free Community Energy Roadshow will be touring our region in June, featuring keynote speaker and renewable energy expert Dr Moragh Mackay, along with a panel of local community leaders.

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Training community volunteers to assess home energy efficiency

A course conducted by Yarra Valley Community Power Hub, in association with Box Hill Institute, during June and July 2022 at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Campus.

Want to learn how to assess home energy efficiency as a community volunteer? Well now you can. And, with sponsorship from your local community energy group, you can learn for a mere $25 instead of the usual $600 fee!

This 12-hour basic non-accredited course, facilitated by the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub, Box Hill College, and our very experienced teacher and course developer, Lucinda Flynn, will equip individuals to become trusted community volunteer home energy efficiency advisors, helping households develop cost effective and energy saving solutions.

With practical on-site visits incorporated, this course is also open to anyone who wants a detailed understanding of home energy efficiency information or those looking to become an accredited Scorecard Home Energy Efficiency Assessor with further study. For an outline of the program and registration form, go to

This course is designed to train volunteers in how to provide home energy efficiency advice to their local community supporting it in reducing energy consumption, saving money, reducing the carbon footprint and helping with the Climate Emergency!

It is a repeat of the course held during April 2022. Students ranged from teenagers to retirees and without exception students scored the experience as “excellent”. Typical comments were:

  • There was a laughing and relaxed atmosphere with a great flow of information. (Clare)
  • We were given very practical explanations by a knowledgeable instructor. (Bruce)
  • Working in small groups really worked for me. (Yvonne)
  • The best thing was the instructor’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. (Lyndal)

Any intending applicants who need assistance in locating their nearest community energy group should contact