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Local News

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North East Link

Pollution generated by diesel powered vehicles on the proposed North East Link (NELP) has not been adequately addressed by the various authorities involved says Barry Watson.  Research by Mr Watson, a resident of the City of Manningham demonstrates that this massive road project will lead to a significant increase in PM2.5 air pollution in the area due to the large volume of diesel trucks expected to use the road.

PM2.5 pollution comprises particulate matter suspended in the air and of a size so small they can get deep into the lungs and into the bloodstream. Exposure over long periods can cause adverse health effects.  It mainly comes from motor vehicles, wood burning heaters and industry.

Mr Watson recently spoke to officers of the City of Manningham seeking their assistance for his bid to get Victorian Environment Protection Authority to undertake a SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy) 12 month impact study.  Data of existing fine air particles caused by diesel trucks plus the NELP estimate that truck numbers will increase to 55% have been used to graph the expected pollution levels.  This points to levels exceeding World Health Organisation recommended limits and State Environment Policy.  This would suggest substantial grounds for undertaking such an impact study.

This item is based on material supplied by Barry Watson.