A little known Boroondara Gem – Clare Newton

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A little-known Boroondara gem

Clare Newton

By the start of spring, refurbishments to the Kew Croquet Club will be finished, with new flooring, roof and a fresh paint coat. Located within Victoria Park, the Kew Croquet Club is a largely undiscovered gem not just of Boroondara’s architecture, but also some fun, skilled and competitive community sports.

The Kew Croquet Club is a modest but cleverly designed building sheltered by mature eucalypts. Walter Burley Griffin’s influence is apparent in the architecture. Built in 1934, the clubhouse is said to be designed by Eric Nicholls who began working with Walter and Marion Griffin at age 19, eventually managing the office 14 years later when the Griffins left for India in 1935.

The corrugated roof is a simple pyramid over the social room, kitchen and entry balcony. The white windows and shutters stand out with glass panes divided by a tree-like pattern of timber mullions.

Make sure you keep an eye out for this hidden gem if you are in the vicinity of Victoria Park. The refurbishment works are being undertaken by the Boroondara City Council and will renew the building for a long time to come.

Clare Newton, Kew Croquet Club President is also Registered Architect (Retired) and Doctor of Education and Honorary Principal Fellow at The University of Melbourne.

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