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StreetSmart – action against homelessness

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StreetSmart Australia

StreetSmart is a Kew-based homelessness charity that fundraises to support grassroots projects tackling homelessness.

StreetSmart was founded by Adam Robinson in 2003. While working at a small youth service in Dandenong, in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Adam gained first-hand experience of the vital work of grassroots organisations, embedded in their local communities, and the many barriers to funding that they face.  The aim of founding StreetSmart was to play the unique role of simultaneously raising vital funds for these important smaller local organisations, strengthening them through collaboration and connecting them to their community and helping break down inaccurate prejudices about people experiencing homelessness.  Adam is still part of the team at StreetSmart.

The team at StreetSmart believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home.

Funds raised through our innovative campaigns are distributed through our Community Grants and Material Aid Programs, often privileging locality where donations are fed back into projects as close to where they are raised as possible, and target smaller services who work to support people experiencing homelessness. Since it was founded in 2003, StreetSmart has distributed more than $12 million to over 1,100 local organisations across Australia. W:

StreetSmart Australia’s Tri-Focused End-of-Year Campaign: Supporting People on the Street with Pets, Providing Nutritious Meals and Groceries, and Housing Solutions for People Experiencing Homelessness.

StreetSmart Australia’s end-of-year campaign, addresses three key areas crucial to the well-being of those experiencing homelessness: supporting people on the street with pets, providing housing assistance, and ensuring access to nutritious meals and groceries.
1. Empowering Lives with Pets:
StreetSmart Australia recognizes the unique challenges faced by individuals on the street who share their lives with beloved pets. This year, the campaign places a special focus on raising funds to support these companions. Donations will go towards providing veterinary care, food, and shelter for the pets of individuals experiencing homelessness, fostering the important bond that exists between them.
2. Housing Assistance for a Better Tomorrow:
One of the cornerstones of StreetSmart Australia’s mission is to provide housing assistance to those in need. The end-of-year campaign aims to raise funds to support the creation of stable housing solutions, offering individuals and families a pathway to rebuild their lives. By addressing the immediate need for shelter, StreetSmart Australia aims to break the cycle of homelessness and provide a foundation for a brighter future.
3. Nutritious Meals and Groceries for All:
Access to nutritious meals is a fundamental human right, yet many individuals experiencing homelessness face challenges in securing regular, healthy food. StreetSmart Australia’s campaign seeks to ensure that everyone has access to nourishing meals and groceries. Funds raised will support community kitchens, food distribution programs, and partnerships with local grocers to provide essential nutrition to those in need.

To support StreetSmart Australia’s end-of-year campaign and make a positive impact in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, please visit