Climate crisis

BoroondaraClimate crisis

Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan

Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan. Implementation plan for the two years to 30 June 2025 The news that October 2023 was hottest October since records began, with average global temperature thought to be 1.7C above late-1800s levels is both frightening and a massive reminder of the need for immediate action to…
24 November 2023
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Sustainability – David Kennedy

Sustainability: What does it mean to me? David Kennedy Sustainability is a word we often hear in the media and our daily conversations, sometimes associated with recycling everyday materials (e.g., metals, plastics, water and clothing), but also including more generic constructs, such as sustainable farming practices, business models, social structures,…
1 December 2022
Climate crisis

Only one lifetime. Bob Ridley

Only one lifetime Bob Ridley As I write we are alert for the birth of our first great-grandchild due tomorrow. What an exiting event. This child will be born into a family which will be welcoming and caring and excited to share his or her life. All four great grandparents…
19 October 2022